How guitars are being built…

…or rather, how they grow. The process of the Storyteller Guitar Project is somewhat atypical, since the emphasis is on artistic expression and not on manufacturing. Below are some excerpts with links to the building process of Mike’s and Kerri’s guitars. And further down you can find a beautiful video showcasing why and how we work on this project.


News from the building process of Kerri’s guitar:

What we perceive as an “aged look” today can actually be the use of ancient techniques. For example, the use of sandpaper (in lutherie) is relatively new – and with its use comes the perfectly flat surface. Modern guitars are required to showcase a mirror finish; which doesn’t only mean the finish has to be glossy to the degree that it reflects a sharp image, but it has to have the same flatness.
Before the use of sand paper, surfaces were finished with a scraper blade. As long as the scraper blade is perfectly sharp and used with the proper technique, it can yield stunning results. However, it can accentuate the soft and hard grain in softer woods. I intentionally switched to the scraper blade for this guitar. You can see in the pictures below how the use of an old technique is our salute to the old-fashioned guitar if the late 19th century parlour guitar. For your reference, the surface on the left is prepared with sandpaper, and the one in the center is scraped. Read more…


News from the building process of Mike’s guitar:

Now that the main components for the body are ready for bracing, bending, and assembly, it is time to verify that all the ambitious ideas we had drafted on paper are actually possible to realize on a three-dimensional object. The best method is to prototype a model in styrofoam, similar to making a small sculpture that a mason builds before working with a large stone.

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What is the Storyteller Guitar Project?

The storyteller guitar project is redefining the relationship between musician and luthier. Both are artists in their own domain and our intention is to focus on artistic collaboration that brings the two artists closer together, engaging the stories and skills of both in the creation of a custom-made instrument.

The traditional demands of custom instruments must be met, including setup, voicing and model design. However, collaboration between artists allows these instruments to grow beyond the average custom guitar build, and create instruments that stand alone as unique and meaningful works of art.  Integral design elements are being complemented by aesthetic and acoustic components that incorporate the the story and experiences of the musician into the guitar’s construction and design.

This approach also comprises a different view on how musicians can afford instruments that are usually affordable only for a select few. We will use crowd-funding to provide musicians with instruments that match their skills and showcase the artist’s songs through a fundraising concert.

The Storyteller project is funded with the generous support of:


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