The storyteller guitar project is redefining the relationship between musician and luthier. Both are artists in their own domain and our intention is to focus on artistic collaboration that brings the two artists closer together, engaging the stories and skills of both in the creation of a custom-made instrument.

The traditional demands of custom instruments must be met, including setup, voicing and model design. However, collaboration between artists allows these instruments to grow beyond the average custom guitar build, and create instruments that stand alone as unique and meaningful works of art.  Integral design elements are being complemented by aesthetic and acoustic components that incorporate the the story and experiences of the musician into the guitar’s construction and design.

This approach also comprises a different view on how musicians can afford instruments that are usually affordable only for a select few. We will use crowd-funding to provide musicians with instruments that match their skills and showcase the artist’s songs through a fundraising concert.

The Storyteller project is funded with the generous support of:


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